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Trying out online casinos can be very time-consuming in today's lifestyle and costly! It can be downright risky if it's a new casino brand and there are no reviews out there online. So, to make things easier for our players, we at NordicPlayer have partnered up with different online casinos, both new and old. To minimise the amount of danger on your part, our partners offer free spins to all NordicPlayer users so that you can have a go at all of them without putting your own money at risk. Thus, you can play any game you want and get to keep all the winnings as well. Sounds like an incredible deal or what?

Feel completely free to check out any or all of our casino free spins offers to find out your next favourite online casino!


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How can I get these Amazing Free Spins Bonuses?


It would be best if you were a member of NordicPlayer to access these offers. Membership is entirely free of cost, and there are no hidden charges involved either. So, all you need to do is sign-up here, and you are good to go.

Once you have signed up, then you need to log in to your account on NordicPlayer and head over to the Exclusive Casino Bonuses page and redeem all the offers that suit you.

We have many offers in store when it comes to NordicPlayer users, so the more you visit us and check our offers out, the higher your chances of winning would be!


What are Free Spins?


Online and mobile slot games are a dime a dozen. Therefore, casinos often offer free spins to make them stand out from the crowd and let players get to experience them all without you risking your finance.

It's one or more spins of a reel, where no one needs to pay any money to spin. So, if a casino offers you a ten free spins bonus that would mean that you can turn the reel ten times on a slot machine by paying nothing. Anything you win gets added to your bankroll.


What are No Deposit Free Spins?


One of the more popular forms of slot promotions, you don't need to make any real money deposit to claim these offers. If you win any money by using these free spins, you can withdraw them right away. In some instances, you might need to make a small deposit to access your winnings. We would advise you to read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before redeeming.


What are Bonus Spins?


Some online casinos offer free spins, but only after you deposit money with them. So, once you have added funds to get you up and running, these free spins will be waiting in your account for you to use.


Can You Win Real Money from Free Spins?


You could win real money from free spins even if you got them for free. However, your winnings get added to your balance in the casino where you earned it. Some casinos have wagering requirements which you should be aware of before redeeming your next set of free spins.


Wagering Requirements


If free spins had a catch, then this would be it. However, do keep in mind every casino has its own set of requirements, some might be more profitable for you, some might not be. Nevertheless, at NordicPlayer we believe in complete transparency so we have to let you know about these requirements so you can take an educated decision.

Even though we do our very best to ensure that the bonuses featured on our website benefit you the most, but it never hurts to learn more about an important factor that governs these offers, right?

Free spins, ideally cost you nothing. So, if you use ten free spins and end up winning €100 by making no deposit, then it would bankrupt the casinos. So, to even things out, most casinos add a wagering requirement to your free spins bonus.

So, let's assume the casino where you won €100 has a wagering requirement from ten times play through. That would mean that you have to keep playing with your winnings until you have spun through €1000 (€100 ten times). Once you have finished spinning through €1000, you can withdraw the amount remaining in your bankroll.


Wagering requirements can go up to 30 times play through, but all casinos are legally bound to reveal them to you before you start playing. Though, lower wagering requirements are always desirable. If you lose your winnings from free spins before you hit €1000, then its game over for you. If you choose to deposit real cash, then you do not have to keep trying to wager it. All winnings will always belong to you in that case.


Completely Free Spins


Despite talking about wagering requirements, you should always be on the lookout for exciting offers from online or mobile casinos. Completely free, free spins are not unheard of when it comes to online or mobile games. We feature such bonuses now and then on the free spins section under the Exclusive Casino Bonuses page. These casinos have no wagering requirements, and they allow you to withdraw any winnings right away.


Why are Casinos giving me Free Spins?


Every casino wants a loyal fanbase. They want players to stay with them over the long run. Bonuses like free spins act as welcome gifts for newcomers. It allows them to experience a new online casino without spending their own money. Often, players end up loving the vibe of the website and become lifelong customers.

Casinos want to make you happy. They want you to feel completely at home even when you are checking in to a new online casino. If you end up not liking the casino, then you can part ways right away no questions asked. Nonetheless, there is a chance that you might want to keep playing in the same casino. Then, it would mean that you might make a real money deposit there and continue playing. A lot of these places offer even more bonuses when you use real money to play.


Are Free Spins Free?


Free spins are free! If you are opting for a no deposit free spins offer, then you are not going to spend any real money on them. However, some casinos have wagering requirements which you might have to keep in mind. In that case, if you won anything out of your free spins, you have to spin some more with real money to access your winnings. They are free to use but what you want to do with your winnings depends on you.


How to Make the Most Out of Free Spins?


Almost all the casinos that we feature offer no deposit free spins. Hence, we have already done some legwork on your behalf. In addition to this, you are not using your own money, so your interests are protected, especially if it's a casino where you haven't played before.

If you are feeling lucky, you will get to make some money as well as check out this new casino. Alternatively, you can go for a casino promo that offers you money for free spins. This offer is usually time-sensitive. You will get the opportunity to play any games and win as much as possible. Since there's a timer involved, we suggest you prepare adequately.

It is entirely possible to pick up free spins and make money. However, you need to be careful and prepare a strategy. Do your research and see which offers suit you the most.


Things to Keep in Mind


Please remember to check individual casino terms and conditions as carefully as possible. Since wagering requirements vary, you should check each offer before you choose to redeem. It would be best if you gambled responsibly and never forget to create a limit for yourself. We want you to have fun out there so that you enjoy yourself while playing!


As a special request to you and the rest of the members of the NordicPlayer community, we were hoping you could share your wonderful casino experiences with us in the form of reviews. We have a wide array of rewards for everyone. To know more, we suggest that you head over to the Rewards for Reviews program page.