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We, at NordicPlayer, have always believed in putting our players and members first. We want to make you happy when you are on our website and ensure that you have a memorable time here. So, we decided to investigate what bothers our players the most. We discovered that it's not easy sifting through thousands of online casinos, trying to figure out which one suits you the most.


Hence, we came up with something unique that would allow YOU to take control of the situation and enjoy yourself at the same time. To make things easier and exciting, we have partnered with the best online casinos all over the world. Our Exclusive Casino Bonuses section aims to create the very best offers in the world of online casinos for you. That means you no longer have to browse through site after site looking for that perfect place to play! Once you start going through the offers that we have here, we are pretty sure that you will find something that looks perfect for you.


There is something here for everyone, and we do hope that you find what you are looking for in casino offers.


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The Exclusive Casino Bonuses Advantage


Exclusive Casino Bonuses is the next step in NordicPlayer's player satisfaction agenda. We want to explore the different ways we can assist our users. We have come this far because of you, and we wish to continue providing exciting new opportunities and bonuses that benefit you. Finding the right offer or casino bonus has always been a tricky task for most of our users. It requires you to spend an immense amount of time and energy. While we encourage that you do some research on your own, we also believe that you should not waste your time searching for the right offer.


We think we can make it easier for you to go through only the best offers that online casinos have to offer. It is time you officially bid goodbye to inferior offers and bonuses. You can spend your precious time trying out new games by choosing from our exclusive deals. We hope that this endeavour of ours helps you make your online casino experiences better and far more enjoyable.


The NordicPlayer Promise


Every day we see people asking us why they should choose NordicPlayer. The reason for selecting us is a simple one: We are a player-centric website, and our ultimate aim is to help provide you with the very best online casino experience. We take much pride in our work and the methodology we use to handpick casinos and feature them on their website.


Alongside that, we also partner up with these casinos to launch great bonuses and offers for limited periods. However, all this is exclusive to our users both old and new. You can browse our offers and see what we have to offer but to take advantage of everything on our website; you need to be a member. A membership to NordicPlayer is and always shall remain free, so you can sign up anytime, anywhere if you click here.


What Exclusive Casino Bonuses has to offer?


We have a wide range of deals, offers, and bonuses that cover the varying needs of our members. With so many partner casinos, we are sure that you will find something to your liking.


1. Free Spins: You will get access to redeem the best free spins offers that you will ever find online. If you are a member, always log in before you save your offer, and for non-members, they can sign up in a jiffy to grab an offer before it ends.


Benefits: You get to check out new online casinos without using any real money. Yes, you heard us right! You can play any game of your choice any of our partner casinos by redeeming several free spins offers. You don't need to deposit any money before your free spins run out. If you end up liking the casino, now you can store your cash and start playing even more games. Moreover, you get to keep all of your winnings when you use the free spins!


Example: Casino XYZ has partnered up with NordicPlayer and is offering 40 Free Spins to our members. So, if you use the link provided beside the offer to sign up to Casino XYZ, you immediately get your free spins. Now, you have the opportunity to spin their slot machines 40 times. Sometimes, your offers will only cover certain games.


2. Free Casino Cash: Free Casino Cash offers are pretty standard when it comes to online casinos. However, here at NordicPlayer, you get access to exclusive deals that are available only for our members. You get to experience the most significant and best free casino cash offers there is on the internet before anyone else.


Benefits: Unlike Free Spins, Free Casino Cash Bonuses give you more freedom. You can play any game you want to. This money becomes part of your bankroll. So, you can treat it as real money. These offers do not require you to make any deposit of your own to redeem them.


Example: Casino ABC is running an exclusive promotion for NordicPlayer users. When you use the exclusive NordicPlayer code, you get $10 worth of free money in your account when you sign up. So, in this instance, you can use this money in any way you want when you are playing in this particular casino.


3. Match Deposit Bonus: We encourage users to consider redeeming deposit bonuses once they have become familiar with a specific online casino. Once you have made use of all the no deposit bonuses that we have to offer, like free spins and free money, you can choose to deposit your own money and continue playing. So, when you store your own money, you receive bonuses for doing so. In other words, you get access to this bonus once you add money to your bankroll. Consider it as a token of appreciation for choosing a particular casino.


Benefits: When you are a serious player, it pays off to take advantage of the different bonuses every online casino has to offer. Different casinos offer different deposit bonuses so you will have to check our offers to see for yourself. However, since you use real money to make a deposit, the rewards involved are incredible and worth checking out at least once.


Example: When you add money to your account at Casino XYZ, they offer you 20 free spins, €50 in unrestricted cash and 100% bonus up to €250. So, you get access to not only a deposit boost but also freebies that will help you up the ante and increase your chances of winning more!


Welcome Bonuses


All of our partner casinos offer welcome bonuses to NordicPlayer members. These offers cover everything including no deposit as well as deposit bonuses. They are also known as signup bonuses and usually vary from casino to casino. However, for new players, it means that they can check out the casino without having to risk their own money. For players who choose to deposit their own money, they will receive handsome rewards. So, whichever path you want, you get to win either way!




NordicPlayer wants you to enjoy your time when playing with our partner casinos. However, we also want you to play responsibly and keep in mind that everyone has a limit.