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At NordicPlayer, we firmly believe in rewarding you and other players like you for placing your trust in us. We want to acknowledge the endless faith and constant support that you have shown us and continue to show us even now. You have helped us grow and scale new heights that we had never dreamt of before. With this in mind, we have come up with our very own rewards program called Rewards for Reviews to honour our relationship with users such as you.

In return, we are asking you to do a little favour for every player who is part of the NordicPlayer community and for us so that we can continue implementing innovative developments in the upcoming months. When you are playing with our partner casinos and featured websites, you get to experience the different features and facilities that each place has to offer. Therefore, we would like you to share your experience with everyone here at NordicPlayer including other users. It would be amazing if we have to know your opinion on our featured online casinos and the games that they have on their websites.

By sharing your reviews with us, not only will you allow us to continue focusing on improving our user experience but help other players to learn more about the online casinos they want to play in by reading your reviews.


How Does This Program Work?


Our Rewards for Reviews is a simple, straightforward process, which will allow you to make the most of what our website has to offer. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to earn attractive rewards for the reviews you plan on writing.


Step 1: Sign Up Now


The first step involved in writing your reviews will be to sign up on our website if you are a non-member. Members of NordicPlayer need to log in here to start writing.


Step 2: Check for Offers


Our website features a large variety of offers from Free Spins, Free Casino Cash to Match Deposit Bonus and Casino of the Month. Go through our website and especially our Exclusive Casino Bonuses section to choose an offer that suits you. We have something on our site for every player out there.


Step 3: Select Your Favourite Offer


Depending on your preferences, you can select an offer that you like. To make things easier for you, we have categorised the proposals present so that you can find an offer you want.


Step 4: Play & Win


After selecting your offer, you can start playing with our partner casinos online. Keep playing and experiences new casinos to improve your chances to win something big!


Step 5: Write a Review Based on your Experience.


Once you have had the chance to play and win in one of the online casinos featured on NordicPlayer, you can quickly write a review on your experience. It is important that other players learn about your experience so that they can have an idea about what to look forward to, the next time they choose to play there.


Step 6: Earn Credits


Every review that you write will earn you credits. For every word you write, you will be rewarded with one activity point. So, pour your heart out and write whatever your experience was all about in your gaming experience. Do not be shy and do not hold back. The more you write, the more you will earn.


Step 7: Get Rewarded


Once you have written your review, your account will start accumulating points. You can choose to redeem any or all of your points at any time to get your rewards.


The NordicPlayer Experience


Our members keep on choosing us repeatedly because they know they can put their trust in us. At NordicPlayer, your experience will be a unique one, something that you will cherish and would like to share with other people. Our Rewards for Reviews program has been created for this purpose so that players all over the world may know about your first impressions.


When you help a player out, not only are you rewarded, but you get to enjoy the joy of sharing. We want you to keep sharing and reviewing our partner casinos so that people can feel free to try out new casinos after reading your review.


Details of Rewards


Every word counts! For every word you write, we will award you with one activity point. At present, we have three reward categories:



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Rewards for Reviews FAQs


Question: Do we need to pay to become members of NordicPlayer?


Answer: You can sign up to our website completely FREE of any charges. There are no hidden costs involved; neither will we ever charge you for using our website in the future. NordicPlayer is and will always remain free for everyone.


Question: Can non-members write reviews?


Answer: At NordicPlayer we only allow our members to write reviews. You need to have an account with us so that we can adequately compensate you for the report that you have written. Therefore, non-members cannot write any reviews, but it is pretty easy for anyone to join our community. Just click here to sign up today!


Question: How many points do members earn?


Answer: For every word you write, you can earn one activity point. You can write as much as you want to and we will reward you accordingly.


Question: How are users rewarded for their reviews?


Answer: For now, we award our members with Amazon gift vouchers depending on the number of activity points accumulated. If you want a higher tier reward, you will have to gain more points. Stay tuned for more exciting prizes to join the roster soon!


Question: Am I expected to write positive reviews only?


Answer: We expect you to write an honest review. If you had a great experience, then why not write about it and let other users know?


Question: Will writing a negative review impact my rewards?


Answer: Even though we try our hardest to ensure that you have the best experience possible, it might so happen that you might not like one of our partner casinos. In the event of such a rare occurrence, feel free to write about whatever you felt. We expect you to be honest about this just as if we would want you to be frank about your positive experiences.


Question: Does my review have to be unique?


Answer: Your review should convey what you felt rather than what other people felt or did. If you keep this simple rule in mind, it should be more than enough for users to know more about certain casinos.


Question: Are there any conditions involved when it comes to writing reviews?


Answer: No, there are no conditions involved. If you are a member of NordicPlayer, you can write a review based on any number of experiences. We expect your honesty just as you would expect the same from us.


Question: How does this benefit NordicPlayer?


Answer: We have always wanted to create a website where players will help other players out. Our Rewards for Reviews program makes it possible for users other than yourself to find your review, read it and make a decision based upon it.


Question: How does this program benefit me?


Answer: For writing reviews, we reward you generously for your contributions. Additionally, you get the satisfaction of helping players on our website to seek guidance from your detailed analysis.


Happy Playing!


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