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Mighty Sphinx Bonus - New Slot Game - December 2017

Mighty Sphinx

Mighty Sphinx is a five reel slot with three rows and up to fifty paylines; those reels are delicately designed but look to the right and you’ll see a cobra coiled around the upright. Two hieroglyph-covered pillars frame the reels while in the background we can see several pyramids stretching off into the distance.


The Mighty Sphinx is a video slot game with an ancient Egyptian theme that will take you on a fascinating journey of playing games with a superb audio background and state of the art graphics.

The slot is highly intuitive that can take you to an amazing slot experience with a lot of features such as free spins and bounties rounds, wilds and scatters that replace any symbol to gain and bet for more paylines to increase your odds of winning.

Designed by Neogames, Mighty Sphinx video slot game is designed to give players a better opportunity to win more by maximizing their bets by playing on 5 reels for 50 paylines and rising to the top.

The moment one becomes immersed in the Mighty Sphinx, you will discover that there are more possibilities to explore, such as finding your passageway to the Tomb of Treasure.

The exclusive spins and multipliers are also opportunities that you can grab to increase your winnings and make real cash.

The player can also opt to choose to play on autoplay where you can select the number of plays you want the slot machine to play for you.


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