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Berryburst & Berryburst MAX Bonus - New Slot Game - October 2018

Berryburst & Berryburst MAX

NetEnt has delighted us lucky players with a huge number of slot machines in recent years. Even just 2018 have seen the release of modern classics such as Hotline, Jumanji, Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror and Lost Relics. One could say that the Swedish mega-company is having an amazing year, and the two new Berryburst games are just the icing on the cake.


In this review, we will tell you all that you need to know about the two versions of the game, what their differences are, and more!


Berries for everyone!

Who doesn’t like berries? We at Nordic Player are huge fans of berries since countries in the north actually have a lot of good ones available, ranging from strawberries to blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries and so on. Berries have always been an important part of the northern diet!


In the two Berryburst games, however, we do not see only berries but fruits as well. The symbols in these games include raspberries, mandarins, blueberries, and even limes! These four represent the premium symbols of the game and as such give you as the player the biggest wins. On the other side, you also have three lesser symbols in the form of spades, hearts, and diamonds. For some reason, clubs have been completely omitted.


In addition to the premium symbols and the lesser symbols, players can also find Starburst-like stacked wilds spinning on the reels. Instead of cosmic supernovas, though, stacked wilds in these games appear as ice cubes. There are truly no explanations as to why these symbols were chosen, but judging by the theme, we believe that NetEnt wanted to create a feeling of the players being at a laid-back juice bar, enjoying a refreshing smoothie or an ice-cold fruit beverage.


Perhaps the real show-stealer in this game still might be the weirdly addictive and entertaining disco tune playing in the background. If we did not know better, we would probably think that it could just as well be from the arsenal of the recently passed-away Swedish DJ Avicii. It certainly is that good!

The basics

The first thing that you will notice about both of the Berryburst games is that there is most definitely a striking resemblance to Starburst. This similarity extends all the way from these games’ names to their logo and their basic looks. Much like in the old NetEnt classic, in Berryburst, there are 5 reels with 3 symbols on each one. Even hitting a stacked wild works in a similar fashion, granting you a re-spin and turning your reel’s colours into that of a rainbow. Hit one or more wilds during your re-spin, and you will get even more re-spins—just like in Starburst.


Although you can easily point out a lot of commonalities between these NetEnt slots, there are a bunch of differences as well. The most important difference is that instead of being your typical payline slot, Berryburst is all about forming clusters—much like NetEnt’s Aloha Cluster Pays and The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays. In these two cluster games, though, the game field was very different from that of Berrybursts. Overall, these berry-filled games are a mixture, unlike anything that we have ever seen before!


To create a winning combination in the two Berryburst slots, you will need to form a cluster of at least 5 of the same symbols. The beautiful thing here is that these clusters can be formed anywhere on the reels, even in the middle. There are no paylines whatsoever, and the best way to form a huge combo would be to get one or more of those sweet wilds on your screen and just let things fall into place. With a stacked wild, you already have 3 out of 5 symbols that you need to score a win.

Differences between Berryburst and Berryburst MAX

It is rather interesting that NetEnt decided to create two Berrybursts instead of one—especially since the differences are few. What is even weirder is that both of these games were released at the exact same time.


The most important difference between the two games would have to be the RTP. Normal Berryburst pays back 96.56% while the MAX version has a lower average payout of 96.23%. One would think that this difference has something to do with the volatility of how often wins are paid, but it is rather hard to confirm this fact. However, the jackpot in MAX is double that of Berryburst, which is probably all the proof that you need.


Essentially, if you are the kind who loves to play with the idea of hitting a true jackpot, you might want to opt for Berryburst MAX despite its lower return. But, if you are short on cash or want to play it safe, the normal Berryburst will probably be more up your alley!


We find ourselves wondering why NetEnt did not just create one game with an in-game switch that changes the volatility. Then again, this would have kind of gone against the extremely simplistic nature of the two games.

Summary for Berryburst and Berryburst MAX

While we did find ourselves enjoying both of the Berryburst games, there were some things that kept bothering us a little bit. The major thing missing from both versions of this modern slot is, of course, a bonus game or a free spins feature. It would seem that NetEnt has wanted to keep things simple and make this a game that everyone can enjoy—all the way from newbies to true online casino purists.


There truly is not that much to say about the two Berryburst games. These slots are all about having fun and enjoying the little things in life. Those looking for a deep experience will no doubt be disappointed, but if you just want to have a good time and are feeling great, these games are a fine choice. Moreover, if you indeed love Starburst and have been looking for a sequel, you will not get much closer to it than with Berryburst!


You can play the new slots Berryburst and Berryburst MAX at almost all online casinos, being that this is a NetEnt game. Feel free to pick a casino that interests you from Nordic Player’s casino list. We only recommend the best casinos with the best deals and bonuses!


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