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Match Deposit Bonus

Here, More is Better!


At NordicPlayer, we continuously strive towards making this website better, and attractive to our players. We keep on coming up with improved offers and bonuses, which are not only fair to you but provide you with a chance to keep winning big. We want our players to be successful and hope that their risks pay off in the end. We have realised that while every player here at NordicPlayer might be different, everyone would like to get the most of what they invest.


So, we came up with a set of offers with our partner casinos that focus solely on making the most from the real money that you put in games online. Match Deposit Bonus as the name suggests is a bonus which matches a portion or more than the entire cash deposit made by you. So, along with the real money that you just added to your bankroll our partners grant you an equal amount or even something more than that. However, we make sure that the offers are more than fair to you so that you can get as much as possible out of your own money.


List of Match Deposit Bonus offers available at NordicPlayer:

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How Does a Match Deposit Bonus Work?


Match deposit bonus offers are different, but in general, they tend to complement the amount of real money you invested.


For example, Casino XYZ is running a promotional offer where they are offering a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to €100 that means if you deposit €50, you receive another €50 for your deposit, bringing your total bankroll to €100. Once again, if you deposited €100 instead of €50, you would be rewarded with the maximum amount of €100. Thus, your total money would be €200.


In other cases, casinos might offer you a flat amount of ‎€20 over the current discount and even throw some free spins your way. As we mentioned, offers do tend to vary from one online casino to the next, but they mostly tend to focus on how much they can give you.


Different Types of Deposit Match Bonuses


Apart from the standard deposit that we have mentioned above, there are a few deposit match bonus variations that players should know. It will help them make educated decisions before redeeming an offer.


Net Match Bonus Deposit


In this case, the online casino will only consider your net cash deposit during the period of the promotion. So, for example, you deposited €20 at first. Then, you decided to withdraw €5. Then, you have €15 left. If the promotion ends and your bankroll has €15 instead of €20, then you will receive your bonus on the €15.


First Match Deposit Bonus


Online casinos will only offer you a bonus when you deposit money for the first time. Subsequent deposits will no longer receive any deposit match bonus. More often than not, these offers carry a large percentage as a bonus. Investing big would be wise in this case. So, you will have a thick bankroll to help you play and win even more.


For example, if you deposit €10+, you get a 150% bonus. That means you end up with €10+ €10+ €5= €25. However, once you store your first €10, any consequent amount will not be considered for the bonus. So, if you can invest €20 instead of €10 for the first time, your gains will be higher.


Stepped Match Deposit Bonus


Some casinos run bonus promotions that are slightly different from the ones already mentioned. Stepped match deposit bonuses usually reward you based on your play style. You might get paid for playing every day for seven consecutive days, or you might have to complete a set of challenges to win the bonus.


For example, if you have €20 in your bankroll, and you play for seven days straight, you might get a straight top up of €7+7% net deposit boost. In some cases, you might have to play a particular set of games within a limited period to double your bankroll.


Welcome Match Deposit Bonus


Casinos are always running these promotions. Even though their offers might vary depending on the time of the year, they are usually considered to be pretty rewarding by our players.


For example, if you join Casino XYZ, you will get a three-fold match deposit bonus. For any amount deposited above €50 till €150, new players will receive a percent bonus equal to their deposit. In addition to this, they will receive €20 flat top-up as free cash and 20 free spins to try any games they want to.

So, if you deposited €100, you will get a 100% bonus and the flat top-up fee, bringing your bankroll to €100+ €100+ €20= €220.


Reload Match Deposit Bonus


Many casinos offer their players reload match deposit bonus to keep them interested in playing their games. Usually, this would mean that once you redeem your welcome gift, you will get subsequent match deposit bonuses for your following deposits. Some casinos offer rewards till your 5th deposit.


For example, if you deposit €20, you get a 50% bonus for your second deposit, a 25% for your third and so on. The percentage usually depends on the casino, and often, it keeps on decreasing the further you proceed.


High Roller Match Deposit Bonus


This match deposit bonus should awaken the high roller in you. It offers fantastic rewards on more significant deposits, so you get to play more. Match amounts are usually at 100%, and there is always an upper limit. However, customers need to deposit a certain amount, definitely higher than usual to access such an offer.


For example, if you deposit €200, a casino might offer you 100% match deposit bonus till €1000. So, you get €400 if you consider the minimum amount and €2000 if you go for maximum benefit. Usually, these offers are one-time only so our advice would be to use it wisely.


Things to Consider While Going for Match Deposit Bonus


1. It would help if you always gamble responsibly. Match deposit bonuses often test people's buying power so don't go for offers that you cannot afford.


2. Sometimes some offers will carry wagering requirements. It would be beneficial for you to go through the terms and conditions of the proposal once before you go any further.


3. Make sure you have tried out a casino first using some no deposit bonus like free spins on free cash bonus. It will help you get to know the casino first before investing big. If you don't like the casino, you can always move to the next. However, if you end up using your real money and then find that you do not want to play in the casino, then that's a bitter pill you have to swallow.


4. If the offer sounds too lucrative, you should better leave it alone. However, at NordicPlayer we ensure that all offers are legitimate in nature.


5. Do keep in mind that some casinos might offer bonuses to you only if you play certain games. If you want to play anything that is not part of their promotion list, you should consider checking out a different offer at a different casino.


6. Deposit match bonus promotions run for limited amounts of time. It would be wise to pounce on an offer before it's too late.