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NordicPlayer.com – Opening

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NordicPlayer.com – Opening

NordicPlayer.com is a long awaited dream to have a totally unique concept by the casino players for the casino players. To have you the player get involved in venting your thoughts about your gaming activities within your choice casinos by writing player experienced reviews as you see & feel the games within the gaming environment.

So what do we need from you, your true open & honest opinions about all aspects of your personal experience as you begin to find your favorite games, to depositing funds within the program and what makes you come back for more?

All the reviews will be published based on a minimum count of 50 and a maximum of 500 words, thus awarded activity points (One word equals, One activity point) to be redeemed for “Funds or Prizes” Awesome rewards are waiting for you. So now it’s all down to you the casino player to put your thoughts and gaming experiences into words.

You have the chance to change your world and get rewarded and touch base with your fellow gamers within our forum community.
It’s your time and your unique review that counts, so put your thoughts into words today!